Latest Netnaija Korean Series 2024

Are you a lover of Korean Series? If so, we will cover in this article, the latest Korean Series to download on Netnaija.

Korean Series are episodic shows produced for Korean television, commonly referred to as “K-series”. They consist of multiple episodes that form a continuous storyline. Each episode typically has a duration of around 20 to 60 minutes.

Episodes also contribute to an ongoing storyline, and viewers often follow the series sequentially to understand the complete narrative.

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Top Netnaija Korean Series to Download 2024

1. Moon in the Day (Season 1)

Han Joon Oh, a prominent figure in the realm of South Korean celebrity, boasts striking good looks and an imposing stature.

Yet, beneath this facade of allure, he harbors a clandestine and enduring inferiority complex that renders him perpetually plagued by insecurities.

Fate takes a dramatic turn when he is enlisted to participate in a public service video, an endeavor that takes a disastrous twist as he becomes entangled in a potentially life-threatening car collision.

The providence of survival is owed to the swift and courageous intervention of Kang Young Hwa, a female firefighter who executes a heroic rescue.

In recognition of Kang Young Hwa’s remarkable capabilities, Han Joon Oh’s representatives astutely engage her as the personal bodyguard for the esteemed star.

However, as Han Joon Oh regains consciousness in the hospital, a profound transformation becomes evident – his very being now housing the spirit of a nobleman from ancient Korea, known as Do Ha.

This historical figure met his demise at the hands of his beloved wife, Han Ri Ta, and the vengeful spirit within Han Joon Oh embarks on an unrelenting quest for retribution.

Download Moon in the Day (Season 1)

2. Vigilante (Season 1)

During his childhood, Kim Ji Yong endured the harrowing loss of his mother, who fell victim to a fatal assault in the streets.

The perpetrator, who faced a meager three and a half years in prison, remains unaltered in his malevolence.

As an adult, Kim Ji Yong, observing the unchanged nature of his mother’s assailant, takes matters into his own hands, administering a severe and forceful retribution.

Consequently, Kim Ji Yong finds himself navigating two divergent existences. On weekdays, he assumes the role of a model student at the police university.

However, during the weekends, he metamorphoses into a vigilante, delivering retribution to criminals who have received lenient sentences and persist in their illicit activities.

Now known as Vigilante, Ji Yong finds support from his admirer Cho Kang Ok. Concurrently, Detective Cho Heon embarks on a pursuit of the enigmatic figure known as Vigilante.

Download Vigilante (Season 1)

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3. Evilive (Season 1)

Han Dong Soo, by profession a lawyer dedicated to addressing livelihood concerns, adopts an unconventional approach by randomly selecting a prisoner to visit, subsequently taking on their legal case.

Netnaija Korean Series - Evilive

Despite his typical demeanor of rationality and reasonableness, a latent dark side resides within the recesses of his mind. Under certain triggers, he finds himself compelled to transgress moral boundaries, immersing himself in the realm of malevolence.

His younger half-brother, Han Beom Jae, occupies a role at a second-hand computer shop while concurrently serving as a case broker for Han Dong Soo, facilitating the influx of clients.

However, a perceptible change in Han Dong Soo catches Han Beom Jae’s attention, marking a shift in his brother’s demeanor since the initiation of a particular legal case.

Download Series: Evilive (Season 1)

4. Strong Girl Namsoon (Season 1)

Possessing extraordinary strength, Kang Nam Soon embarks on a quest to discover her roots after having gone missing in childhood in Mongolia.

Upon reaching adulthood, she traverses to Gangnam, Seoul, South Korea, with the intention of locating her long-lost parents. Her search culminates in a reunion with her mother, Hwang Geum Joo, a prosperous resident of Gangnam.

Following the loss of her daughter, Hwang Geum Joo dedicates herself to a virtuous life, ardently committed to altruistic pursuits.

Adding a layer to this familial saga, Gil Joong Gan, Kang Nam Soon’s grandmother, shares the unique trait of superhuman strength, mirroring that of Kang Nam Soon and her mother. Intriguingly, the trio finds themselves entangled in a drug case unfolding in Gangnam.

Detective Kang Hee Sik becomes an integral part of the narrative, collaborating with the three women in unraveling the complexities of the drug-related investigation. In the course of their teamwork, Detective Kang Hee Sik finds himself increasingly drawn to the enigmatic Kang Nam Soon.

Download Strong Girl Namsoon (Season 1)

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5. The Killing Vote (Season 1)

In a society where heinous offenders elude legal consequences, a unique mechanism unfolds: all individuals aged 18 and above receive a text message, prompting them to participate in a poll regarding the imposition of the death penalty on the implicated wrongdoer.

Should more than 50% of respondents favor capital punishment, an enigmatic figure known as “Dog Mask” executes the sentence within the virtual realm.

Simultaneously, law enforcement endeavors to apprehend “Dog Mask,” leading to the involvement of three individuals in the unfolding narrative.

Among these key players are Kim Moo Chan, who holds the leadership position in the First Investigation Team at the Southern Police Agency, Kwon Seok Joo, a former renowned legal scholar who took justice into his own hands after his daughter’s assault, and Joo Hyun, a police officer with five years of experience at the Cyber Safety Bureau within the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency.

As the pursuit of “Dog Mask” intensifies, these disparate yet interconnected figures find themselves drawn into a complex web of moral dilemmas and legal intricacies.

Download The Killing Vote (Season 1)

6. Song of the Bandits (Season 1)

Netnaija Korean Series - Song of the Bandits

During the tumultuous era of the 1920s, unruly bandits operating within the defiant Gando region of South Korea employed every conceivable effort to safeguard both their cherished land and beloved kin.

In an uncompromising display of resilience, they engage in relentless battles against the Japanese colonial army, demonstrating a relentless commitment that extends to the potential sacrifice of their very lives.

Download Song of the Bandits (Season 1)

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7. The Escape of the Seven (Season 1)

Due to the deceitful machinations and insatiable desires of seven malevolent individuals, a young girl mysteriously disappears, setting in motion a narrative trajectory wherein the inexorable force of blood revenge looms menacingly over the aforementioned wrongdoers, poised to exact its consequential toll.

Download The Escape of the Seven (Season 1)

8. My Lovely Liar (Season 1)

Inextricably weaved in their destinies, we find a woman grappling with an innate distrust of others, a consequence of her unique ability to discern falsehoods through the auditory kingdom, and a mystic composer proficient at concealing an identity that defies easy description.

Their lives intersect, propelling them into a shared journey of revelation, as they try to unearth the concealed verities that govern their intertwined existence.

Download My Lovely Liar (Season 1)

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9. Arthdal Chronicles: The Sword of Aramun (Season 2)

The last on the list of the latest Netnaija Korean Series is Arthdal Chronicles: The Sword of Aramun (Season 2).

Netnaija Korean Series - Arthdal Chronicles: The Sword of Aramun (Season 2)

In the sequel to Arthdal Chronicles, specifically in its second season, the narrative unfolds eight years subsequent to Tagon’s ascension to the throne as King.

Presently, an eagerly anticipated war looms on the horizon, with Tagon and Eunseom diligently gearing up for a monumental battle that holds the promise of ushering in a nascent dynasty.

Simultaneously, the clandestine political side remains rife with intrigue and machinations, wherein rebellion, bloodshed, and vengeance linger ominously in the shadows, poised to unfurl their impact upon the unfolding saga.

Download Arthdal Chronicles: The Sword of Aramun (Season 2)

Netnaija Korean Series – Sum Up

Here is a quick recap of the latest Netnaija Korean Series, we hope you find the series that best resonates and entertains you.

  • Moon in the Day (Season 1)
  • Vigilante (Season 1)
  • Evilive (Season 1)
  • Strong Girl Namsoon (Season 1)
  • The Killing Vote (Season 1)
  • Song of the Bandits (Season 1)
  • The Escape of the Seven (Season 1)
  • My Lovely Liar (Season 1)
  • Arthdal Chronicles: The Sword of Aramun (Season 2)

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