Get Ready! Robots Poised to Take Over Our Homes

The mass production of these home robots devices could begin a new era in which robots and humans begin to coexist and collaborate.

Like every year, the CES in Las Vegas is confirmed to be a concentration of past, present, and potential technologies that launch those who wander around the pavilions in a whirlwind of emotions between daze and euphoria.

LG’s booth this year showcased Q9 AI Agent, a robot that could become a milestone. Although, in fact, in many homes, there are real robots such as kitchen robots or those that sweep and wash floors, Q9 AI Agent belongs to a different breed: multifunction robots.

It must be said that rival Samsung is also on the ball and, again at CES, announced a new version of Ballie, the robot that acts as a home assistant with Artificial Intelligence.

It is a small rotating robot which, thanks to artificial intelligence, is able to perceive and recognize the people around it, control connected appliances and accessories, find solutions, or make a call in case of problems. 

We are inside a vision of the home connected and driven by artificial intelligence. A vision that was presented in Las Vegas and which sees Ballie as a handyman agent connected to all the devices in the house.

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Why Home Robots?

Why home Robots? First of all, they can function as a self-propelled anti-theft device.

While we are away from home they can patrol the house and alert us in case of intrusions and during their rounds they can also monitor the temperature of the rooms and possibly act on the thermostats to bring them back to the ranges to which we are accustomed, or they can play with the pets and send us photos of what happens while we are away.

Also, they can interact with many household appliances and activate them in case of need: if the cat spills dirt from a flower pot on the ground, they can activate the floor-sweeping robot and clean up the crime.

It is not difficult to foresee an even more useful evolution in the sector of support for older people: in addition to patrolling the home when absent, it can alert relatives and friends in the event of domestic accidents or illnesses.

Astronomical Robots

Meanwhile, Celestron has taken robotics to new levels when it comes to astronomical observation. 

Celestron Origin is a fully automated telescope that simply needs to be placed outdoors to make it fully operational. Once turned on, it will independently align itself with the sky and understand where it is. 

On its app, it will propose a series of space objects that can be shown via its built-in astronomical camera, and in a few minutes it will provide images taken directly from our homes, while we are warm on the sofa.

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Exilor Luxottica Nuance Audio

Returning to talking about support for people facing the passage of time, Exilor Luxottica presented Nuance Audio, an elegant pair of red or black glasses that provide help to those who are starting to have hearing problems.

Robot Homes - Exilor Luxottica Nuance Audio

Thanks to an array of microphones installed on the frame, it can isolate the sound coming from whoever is in front of us and send it to mini-speakers in the temples calibrated to hit our ears.

This way, it will be easier to hear clearly in noisy environments or those speaking with a thin voice. Final versions are expected to hit the market later this year at a price many times lower than that of traditional hearing aids. 

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LG Transparent TV

Finally, LG’s new television with a transparent screen also deserves a mention, the first completely wireless (separate power supply). 

Being able to place furnishing objects behind the screen allows you to give free rein to your creativity, while a black film can be slid across the back of the panel to increase the contrast of the images or eliminate excessively invasive objects while we watch TV.

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