September 24, 2023


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WhatsApp Introduces New Feature That Allows Keeping Disappearing Messages With Sender’s Permission

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Whatsapp Disappearing Message

Recently, WhatsApp made an announcement about its latest feature, which is an innovative twist on the Disappearing Messages functionality that was initially introduced in the year 2020. This new feature is called “Keep in Chat,” and it essentially provides users with the ability to hold onto messages that they may require in the future, even if the messages are of the disappearing type.

The “Keep in Chat” feature works by allowing users to decide which specific disappearing messages they want to keep. Once a user chooses to keep a particular disappearing message, the sender is notified, and they have the authority to veto this decision. If the sender decides that a particular message cannot be kept, this decision is final, and no one else can keep it either. Eventually, the message will be deleted when the timer expires.

This new feature is a game-changer for WhatsApp users who have previously struggled to retain important information sent via disappearing messages. Now, they can keep crucial texts without worrying about losing them. The feature provides a convenient way for users to save disappearing messages without having to screenshot or copy-paste them into another app, ensuring that they are always available for future reference.

The new Keep in Chat feature is a fascinating solution to a longstanding issue faced by WhatsApp users who rely on disappearing messages. While the concept of disappearing messages is useful in some contexts, it can be frustrating when important information is lost forever. With the Keep in Chat feature, users can retain critical information while still benefiting from the benefits of disappearing messages.

Whatsapp disappearing message

It’s important to note that this feature may not be widely used, as some users may prefer to send normal messages instead. After all, the Keep in Chat feature requires the approval of the sender, which could potentially be a time-consuming process. However, for those who value the convenience of disappearing messages but want to retain some messages for future reference, this feature is a great addition to the platform.

Saved messages can be easily identified with a bookmark icon and are organized by chat in the Kept Messages folder. This allows users to quickly access their saved messages without having to sift through multiple chats. The Keep in Chat feature will be rolled out globally to all WhatsApp users over the next few weeks, ensuring that everyone has access to this new functionality. Overall, the Keep in Chat feature is a “nice to have” addition that provides users with greater flexibility and control over their disappearing messages.

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