September 24, 2023


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YouTube Music Now Offers Mind-blowing Real-time Lyrics On Both Android And iOS

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youtube music real-time lyrics

Real-time lyrics are not a new concept in the world of music streaming. In fact, Spotify and Apple Music have had this feature available for quite some time now.

Unfortunately, YouTube Music has been lagging behind in this aspect. While lyrics have been available on the Google-owned music streaming platform, they have only been accessible in a basic manual manner.

However, that’s all about to change as YouTube Music is now introducing real-time lyrics on both Android and iOS, catching up to its competitors and providing a more engaging and immersive listening experience for its users.

The latest update to YouTube Music comes with a fantastic feature that automatically tracks lyrics in real time while songs are playing. This means that users no longer have to manually search for lyrics, as they will be provided automatically.

This feature works for any song that already has lyrics uploaded to the platform. Once the song starts playing, the lyrics will appear in the Lyrics tab of the app, with the current lyrics highlighted and their text size increased for better visibility.

This update is sure to make the music listening experience on YouTube Music even more enjoyable and convenient.

youtube music real-time lyrics - iOS

In the not-so-distant past, Google made a strategic alliance with MusixMatch to jointly develop an exciting new feature. This collaboration marked the beginning of a journey toward a groundbreaking innovation that would soon capture the attention of music lovers everywhere.

News has recently surfaced indicating that the real-time monitoring of lyrics, a key aspect of this innovative feature, is being fueled by none other than the renowned LyricFind.

Such a partnership between these industry giants not only reflects the immense value placed on this feature but also hints at the high level of technological expertise and innovation required to bring it to life.

To date, tangible evidence of the feature’s existence is limited to a collection of images taken from both Android and iOS platforms. The absence of a definitive timetable for its release has left many individuals in a state of uncertainty regarding its availability.

Nonetheless, certain members of the Reddit community have recently claimed to have gained access to the feature via the Android application version 5.51.50. These individuals have shared their experiences of the feature’s functionality, adding fuel to the anticipation surrounding its release.

youtube music real-time lyrics - Android

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