Fastest Printers / Quickest Printer In The World 2023 [High PPM]

This article will focus on the fastest printers you will definitely need to print lots of pages per minute.

Having a quite large number of documents to print in no time requires using a very fast printer to make your work done easily and faster.

If you already have a printer that is slow, maybe it’s time to upgrade your printer to a very fast one in order for it to complete quite a lot of tasks for you in no time.

The most speedy printers in this article will be categorized based on their PPM (Page Per Minute) ability and only printers with high PPM will be listed.

Also, this article will show you the fastest printers that best suit the kind of task you want it to perform i.e to print colored documents or black and white documents.

Fastest Printers – LaserJet Or InkJet?

Generally, LaserJet Printers are faster than InkJet Printers. So, in this article, we will focus solely on LaserJet Printers because they base their mode of operation on a very speedy process.

Now, let’s take a look at a little comparison between LaserJet Printers and InkJet Printers on the whole;

LaserJet PrintersInkjet Printers
1. Have a speed of at least 18 pages per minuteHave a speed of at least 10 pages per minute
2. Small and Compact LaserJet Printers Print up to 35 pages per minutePrint up to 10-15 pages per minute
3. They are less portableThey are more portable and require less space compared to LaserJet
4. Higher quality of printed productLess quality of printed product

Now, it is right to say that there is presently only one extremely fast Inkjet Printer, even more faster than Laser Printers but it is extremely costly and should be used for office or printing services.

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List Of The The Fastest Printers With High PPM

Below, we will give a list of the most speedy printers that best suit each category of task you want it to perform.

Best Monochrome Laser Printers With High PPM

  • HP LaserJet M234sdw: Up to 29 pages per minute
  • Xerox B230 Laser Printer: Up to 34 pages per minute
  • Xerox B225 Laser Multifunction: Up to 35 pages per minute

Best Fastest Color Laser Printers

  • Brother DCPL2510D: Up to 30 pages per minute, both in color and in black and white
  • HP LaserJet: Up to 20 pages per minute, both in color and in black and white
  • Brother MFC-L2710DN: Up to 30 ppm, both in color and in black and white

Fastest Printers For Office – Multifunction Laser Printers

  • HP LaserJet Pro: Color, 40 pages per minute
  • HP D3Q20B Page Wide Pro 477dw: Inkjet printer with quick nozzles, up to 50 pages per minute in black and white, up to 40 pages per minute in color.

Best Printers That Print In Record Time

  • HP D3Q20B Page Wide Pro 477dw: Inkjet printer with quick nozzles, up to 50 pages per minute in black and white, up to 40 pages per minute in color.
  • Brother HLL5100DN: Professional office laser printer with LED technology, A3 printing support, color, automatic two-sided, and up to 40 pages per minute.

You can purchase the Printers listed above on Amazon provided you want to.

The Fastest Printers – FAQ

Below is a list of some frequently asked questions regarding the fastest printers in the world:

Which printer is faster laser or inkjet?

Laser. Although, there is one InkJet printer that is faster than Laser printers only that it is expensive.

What is the disadvantage of a laser printer?

One of the most considerable disadvantages of a Laser printer is that it takes a lot of space than an InkJet printer because of its lack of portability.

How long does a laser printer last?

That all depends on how well you maintain the printer but usually, a laser printer is expected to last for about five good years. If you maintain it well, it will definitely last for more than five years.

Fastest Printers For Printing Documents – Summary

The printers listed above are the fastest or quickest printers for home, office, work, and businesses of all kinds.

As it is known that Laser Printers are faster than InkJet Printers, you can absolutely consider buying a Laser printer for your work, depending on its nature. Although there is a faster InkJet printer that you can consider using for office or printing work.

The fastest Printers are determined according to the number of pages they churn out per minute either in black and white or colored.

With this article, I’m sure you have been able to determine the fastest printer for your work. Comment below and share.

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