How to Activate International Roaming in Airtel 2023

This article focuses mainly on how to activate international roaming in Airtel SIM Cards.

In today’s interconnected world, staying connected while traveling abroad has become a necessity. Whether it’s for work, staying in touch with loved ones, or simply navigating a new destination, having access to your mobile network is crucial.

If you’re an Airtel subscriber and planning to travel internationally, you’re in luck. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through the steps to activate international roaming on your Airtel mobile device, ensuring you can enjoy uninterrupted connectivity no matter where your journey takes you. Say goodbye to the hassle of finding local SIM cards and hello to a seamless international roaming experience with Airtel. Let’s get started!

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What is Airtel Roaming?

Airtel Roaming is a valuable and convenient service provided to Airtel customers, which facilitates seamless communication when they venture beyond the borders of Nigeria. This service extends the functionality of your Airtel SIM card to work flawlessly in foreign countries, enabling you to make and receive calls, send and receive text messages, and harness the power of the internet while you’re abroad.

The significance of Airtel Roaming lies in its ability to keep you connected to your loved ones, friends, and professional contacts, all without the need to undergo the cumbersome process of changing your phone number or purchasing a local SIM card in the destination country.

When you embark on international journeys, the last thing you want is to be disconnected from the world or face the inconvenience of notifying everyone about a new temporary number. With Airtel Roaming, these concerns are rendered obsolete, as you can continue using your familiar Airtel number without any hassle.

This service ensures that you remain reachable and connected, providing peace of mind to both business travelers and leisure seekers. You can maintain essential communication with colleagues, clients, and family members, enhancing your travel experience by staying connected to the people and information that matter most to you.

In essence, Airtel Roaming serves as a bridge between you and the world, erasing the geographical barriers that could otherwise hinder your connectivity while abroad. Whether you’re on a business trip, exploring new destinations for leisure, or simply staying in touch with loved ones, Airtel Roaming is your reliable companion, ensuring that you’re never too far away from those who matter.

How to Activate International Roaming in Airtel Using My Airtel App

  1. Download the app either in the Google Play Store or the Apple Store
  2. Open the app after downloading and sign up with your Airtel phone number or sign in if you have registered before.
  3. Click on “Buy Bundles” at the center of the page
  4. Click on “Self” and then Next
  5. Click on “Roaming Bundles”
  6. Select your preferred roaming package for both calls and data
  7. Pay, and you will get a notification when it’s confirmed.

How to Activate International Roaming in Airtel Prepaid

For Airtel prepaid customers, the feature of International Roaming (IR) is automatically enabled as a default setting.

In the event that you make international calls without having an International Roaming pack active on your account, the charges for such calls will be deducted from your primary balance in accordance with the standard rates established by Airtel.

This means that if you have not specifically subscribed to an International Roaming package, your account will be subject to the regular, non-discounted fees associated with international calls. It is important to be aware of this policy to avoid any unexpected charges while using your Airtel prepaid service abroad.

You can subscribe to the Airtel IR Packs by following the steps described above using the MyAirtel app.

Airtel Prepaid customers can buy a roaming pack 30 days in advance, and it starts working when you connect to the international network in your destination.

How to Activate International Roaming in Airtel Postpaid

By default, the International Roaming Service for Airtel’s postpaid customers is set to a disabled status.

To avail of this service, customers are required to purchase an International Roaming (IR) Pack, which serves as the trigger for activating the IR service. Upon purchasing the IR Pack, the International Roaming service is automatically enabled on the customer’s account.

This means that without purchasing and activating the IR Pack, postpaid customers will not have access to international roaming services. Airtel has put this system in place to provide customers with the flexibility to choose when and how they want to enable international roaming, ensuring that they have control over their roaming service usage and expenses. Therefore, it is advisable for Airtel postpaid customers planning to use their mobile phones abroad to acquire the IR Pack in advance to enjoy uninterrupted and hassle-free international roaming services.

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How to Deactivate International Roaming in Airtel

Upon returning to your Country or whenever you no longer require international connectivity, it’s equally important to know that deactivating Airtel Roaming is not possible. However, you can wait till the plan expires or simply contact the Airtel customer service

How to Choose The Best International Airtel Call Roaming Plan

  • Choose a daily or weekly plan if you are traveling for a short period of time. Choose a monthly or yearly plan if you are traveling for a longer period of time.
  • When going to a well-known place like the USA, UK, UAE, etc., choose a plan just for that country. If you’re visiting several destinations in a region, like Europe, Asia, Africa, etc., go for a plan that covers that whole area.
  • If your budget is high, choose a premium plan with unlimited data and voice. If your budget is low, go for a basic plan with limited data and voice.
  • For business trips, you might require extra data and voice services. For leisure or personal travel, you might need less data and voice.

How to Activate International Roaming in Airtel – Conclusion

Congratulations! You are now equipped with all the essential information to seamlessly manage your Airtel Roaming services. Whether you’re gearing up for an international adventure or simply need to stay connected while abroad, knowing how to activate or deactivate Airtel Roaming is key to ensuring uninterrupted communication with your loved ones.

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