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Embarking on your Midjourney adventure? You’re in for an epic quest filled with challenges, mysteries, and thrilling encounters. To navigate this fantastical world with finesse and unlock its hidden treasures, you’ll need to master a range of commands and abilities.

In your journey through the world of Midjourney, mastering the art of commands is essential to unlocking its full potential. The key to this adventure lies in understanding the versatile “/imagine” command, complemented by a plethora of other powerful commands at your disposal.

These commands serve as the building blocks of interaction with the AI, and they can be seamlessly inputted in a bot channel or a dedicated thread. Among these commands, you’ll find tools that empower you to manipulate image quality, while others grant you control over image dimensions.

In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the vast realm of Midjourney commands. From understanding the command inputs to harnessing the full range of stylized values and quality adjustments, this guide will equip you with the knowledge needed to navigate Midjourney’s AI landscape with confidence and creativity. So, prepare to embark on a journey of discovery and mastery as we unveil the secrets of Midjourney’s command system.

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Basic Midjourney commands List

Here are the Basic Midjourney Commands List:

  • /imagine (to generate images from text prompts.).
  • /help (for info about a bot).
  • /info (for info about your profile).
  • /show <jobid> (Used to regenerate a job using an existing image’s job.).
  • /fast (Change to Fast Mode.).
  • /relax (Change to Relaxed mode).
  • /private (to make your jobs private).
  • /public (to make your jobs public).
  • /subscribe (for subscription to the bot).

Midjourney “/imagine” parameters Commands

Parameters are the additional inputs that you append to the “/imagine” command’s end. Midjourney “/imagine” parameters commands are:

  • –beta (an experimental algorithm).
  • –hd (an older algorithm for higher resolutions).
  • –aspect/–ar (generates images with the aspect ratio).
  • –w (sets the width of the image).
  • –h (sets the height of the image).
  • –seed (sets the seed).
  • –stylize <number> (how strong you want the image style to be).
  • –video (saves a progress video).
  • –iw (image prompt weight).
  • –q <number> (the quality of the image).
  • –chaos <number> (the randomness of the image).
  • –fast (faster images, less consistency, less expensive).
  • –stop (stop the image generation).
  • –no (e.g. –no plants).
  • –sameseed (affects all images the same way).
  • –v <1 or 2> (an old algorithm to use the last improvement).
  • –uplight (uses the “light” upscaler).

Midjourney Stylize commands

Stylize values determine the level of artistic expression you desire for your creations. Midjourney Stylize commands are:

  • –s 625 (less artistic).
  • –s 1250 (less strict but pretty).
  • –s 2500 (default value).
  • –s 20000 (let the stylization take over).
  • –s 60000 (maximum stylization).

Midjourney Quality commands

Quality commands are instrumental in altering both the generation time and the overall quality of your generated images. Midjourney Quality commands are:

  • –q 0.25 (4x faster, rough results, and cheaper).
  • –q 0.5 (2x faster, less detailed, and cheaper).
  • –q 1 (default value).
  • –q2 (2x slower, more detailed, and expensive).
  • –q5 (experimental).

Using a URL Command in Midjourney

In Midjourney, you incorporate a URL to provide the AI with a point of reference or a source of inspiration. An example is:

/imagine <URL> (e.g. /imagine https://www.powertechn.com/best-apps-download-youtube-videos-android-pc-high-quality-youtube-video-downloader/).

Preferences and settings Commands in Midjourney

  • /settings (opens up the visual settings).
  • /prefer suffix (non-visual settings).
  • /prefer suffix <text>
  • /prefer auto_dm True (jobs will be automatically DMed to you).
  • /prefer option set <name> <value> (Establishes a quick-access shortcut to a predefined value, akin to the convenience of keyboard shortcuts.).
  • /prefer option list (View a compilation of your selected preferences).

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Text weights Commands in Midjourney

Text weights Commands in Midjourney are:

  • /imagine butterfly::1.5 animal::-1
  • /imagine monkey::1.25 animal::-0.75
  • /imagine rice food::-1 animal

Midjourney Commands List – Summary

The above Midjourney Commands List are the commands you can use to navigate easily through Midjourney. Do well to bookmark this page, so that you can always reference back to it anytime you need to input a command in Midjourney.

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