Top Biggest Best NFT Marketplaces To Buy, Sell, And Mint NFT Art Now – NFT Marketplace Review [2022]

There are various NFT marketplaces/platforms to buy and sell NFTs. This article will focus on providing you with a list of the best NFT marketplaces/platforms to buy, sell, and mint NFTs in 2022.

What Is An NFT Marketplace?

NFT marketplace simply means platforms available online dedicated to the buying, selling, storing, and minting of NFTs.

These platforms make it possible for different individuals to hold or store their NFTs and display them for potential buyers to see.

NFTs on different marketplaces or platforms can be bought by those interested in the token for money or Cryptocurrency. By making a purchase or buying an NFT on a certain marketplace, the ownership of the Non-Fungible token will be shifted from the seller to the buyer.

Since NFTs and their marketplaces are based on blockchain technology; you will definitely have to connect a Crypto wallet to a particular marketplace of your choice in order to successfully buy, sell, store, and mint NFT.

List Of Top 10 Best NFT Platforms To Buy, Mint, Store, And Sell NFTs Review

You will find below, the list of the top 10 NFT platforms to buy and sell NFTs both for beginners and experts:

  1. OpenSea – Top best NFT marketplace
  2. Binance – Best NFT marketplace with low transaction fees
  3. – Best leading NFT marketplace
  4. Coinbase NFT – Best NFT marketplace for Beginners
  5. Axie Marketplace – Top gaming NFT marketplace
  6. Magic Eden – Best Solana NFT marketplace 2022
  7. Nifty Gateway – Best NFT marketplace for Rare Drops
  8. Rarible – Largest NFT marketplace after OpenSea
  9. Mintable – Best NFT marketplace for everyone
  10. Foundation – Top NFT marketplace for Art and Artists

Top 10 Best NFT Marketplaces Explained

1. OpenSea – OpenSea NFT Marketplace

Best NFT Marketplaces - Opensea NFT marketplace

OpenSea is the top leading NFT marketplace/platform to buy and sell NFTs of all types.

Being widely used by NFT investors, OpenSea has all kinds of assets available on its platform to meet the needs and demands of the vast majority of NFT Traders online.

Registering with OpenSea is simple and free, having a clear and easy-to-understand interface even for beginners to get through and navigate.

OpenSea supports over 150 different Cryptocurrency payment tokens, widening its scope of operation and usefulness.

Many People believe in investing in the OpenSea NFT marketplace as it is for all categories of people, be it Artists, Photographers, Beginners, Experts, and so on.

And because OpenSea was the first to bring about NFT trading into the limelight of operation, it has reached over 1 million users and still counting.

What’s more, it is possible to mint (publish your NFT token to make it buyable) for free on the OpenSea marketplace using the polygon Cryptocurrency. This means your NFT can be on the OpenSea platform without gas fees.

Also, OpenSea supports a wide range category of NFTs and in terms of fees, OpenSea charges a 2.5% transaction fee on every sale made by sellers on their platform with no buyer cost, other than the normal network fees.

Lastly, OpenSea allows more than 12 different Crypto wallets to be linked to a single account on their platform; you can easily carry this out with a few simple clicks.

2. Binance – Binance NFT Marketplace

Best NFT Marketplaces - Binance NFT Marketplace

Binance is one of the largest, most widely known Crypto platforms in the World. The Binance NFT marketplace is undoubtedly one of the best NFT marketplaces to trade and store NFTs.

Binance itself runs the Binance NFT and its marketplace. You can expect to enjoy low transaction fees on the Binance NFT.

The Binance NFT marketplace interface is easy to understand and work with, buying and selling NFTs on the Binance marketplace is also easy and stress-free. Check how to buy NFTs on the Binance marketplace here.

On Binance, apart from the Fixed price and Auction price set for buying NFTs, they offer what is called a “Mystery Box”.

A mystery box is also a way of purchasing NFTs on Binance but this time, the NFT comes in a package and you only get to know what is in the package only when you buy it and unbox it.

Minting NFTs on the Binance marketplace is also easy; especially if you have the Binance Token (BNB) as this will foster minting NFTs at a low price.

You can buy NFTs using Crypto on Binance and if you want to sell, you can deposit ETH or BSC NFTs to sell.

3. – NFT Marketplace

Best NFT Marketplaces - NFT is one of the best leading platforms for NFTs. It is another excellent platform to take a look at when considering where to buy Non-Fungible Tokens.

They are one of the largest and biggest Cryptocurrency exchanges in the world with over 10 million active users.

In 2021, launched its own NFT marketplace offering NFTs in different categories such as art, music, sport, Crypto, gaming, and celebrities.

You can buy NFTs on using a credit card or a debit card or using a cryptocurrency of your choice through the “ Pay” gateway.

One of the most advantages of using is that you don’t need any transaction fees in order to purchase NFT; with this, even the most expensive NFTs are on the marketplace. had teamed up with some Big Wigs such as Snogg Dogg and Boy George to better accredit genuineness and trust to their name.

With all these and more, many people consider to be the overall best NFT marketplace to invest their NFTs.

Also, there are no gas fees required on unlike many other NFT marketplaces with high gas fees, and only a 1.99% fee will be required of you when selling NFTs.

You can visit NFT marketplace here.

4. Coinbase NFT – Coinbase NFT Marketplace

best nft platform - Coinbase NFT

Folks in the Crypto world are well familiar with Coinbase because it is one of the most used and trusted Crypto exchanges available. The Coinbase NFT marketplace is the overall best NFT marketplace for beginners.

Although, it is one of the newest marketplaces to buy and sell NFTs, the popularity of the Coinbase Crypto exchange gives the marketplace a huge boost.

As many know, the Coinbase app is very easy to use. Just as the Coinbase Crypto app is simple and easy to use is the same way the Coinbase NFT marketplace is easy and simple to navigate.

All you have to do is to connect your Coinbase wallet and trading account to the NFT marketplace, then you are good to go.

With the Coinbase NFT marketplace, there is no cause for alarm because you will definitely have a great experience on the platform.

To use the Coinbase NFT marketplace, you will have to, first of all, create a Coinbase account in a few simple steps. After that, you will have to set up a Coinbase wallet and then navigate to the Coinbase NFT marketplace.

Visit the Coinbase NFT marketplace now.

5. Axie NFT Marketplace – Best NFT Marketplace For Gaming

This can be termed the top gaming NFT marketplace for all. Axie marketplace is the online shop for the video game called “Axie Infinity”.

What are Axies? In a simple way, they are symbolic entities that you can buy (because they are available for sale) and train and then set against other Axies in order to earn some recompense.

You can buy a variety of things on the Axie marketplace such as; Land, Axies, and NFTs that you can only use within the game.

Axie infinity has its own tokens called “Axie Shards” which are built on the Ethereum Blockchain. Axie Shards can be bought and sold across varieties of Crypto exchanges and different NFT marketplaces such as Opensea, Binance marketplace, etc.

Lastly, there are lots of items on the Axie marketplace that can be bought at a very low price, so Axie Marketplace is also one of the best places to buy items with very little money.

6. Magic Eden – Best Solana NFT Marketplace 2022

Best NFT platform - magic eden

Magic Eden is the overall best Solana NFT marketplace in 2022. It is becoming very fast, one of the preferred NFT marketplaces.

Since the crash of NFTs, most people are reluctant in the use of Ethereum to trade NFTs, and the other alternative apart from Polygon, Tezos, and Flow is Solana.

With the massive demand of people to start using another type of Cryptocurrency to trade NFTs, Magic Eden was given a huge boost since it is the best, new, and cheap alternative to the Ethereum blockchain.

If you want to get into the Solana NFTs, you will need to have a certain wallet such as Phantom.

There are many established NFT collections on Magic Eden but the only shortcoming is that you will need to, first of all, apply for Listing if you want to launch a collection or NFTs.

Magic Eden focuses on using only Solana and it is user-friendly and easily accessible, it is the best alternative to the Ethereum blockchain everyone can try.

7. Nifty Gateway

Best NFT platform - Nifty Gateway

Nifty Gateway is an NFT marketplace where the most expensive NFT yet (Pak’s The Merge) was sold (US$91.8 million).

The Nifty Gateway marketplace built on the Ethereum blockchain uses “Open Editions” which means an unlimited number of editions will be created for a finite period of time and sold at a base price. Once the time is over, no NFTs are issued causing scantiness and a strongly competitive market.

The Nifty Gateway marketplace is backed by the Gemini exchange and focuses on “Premium Drops”. It is more friendly to new users who are not used to using the Crypto wallet as they can make purchases using their Credit or Debit cards if they are based in the US.

However, those outside the US will need to use the Crypto stored on their Germini account to make a purchase.

Lastly, Nifty Gateway charges a 5% fee on each NFT sold alongside a transaction charge of $0.30.

8. Rarible

Rarible is the largest NFT marketplace after OpenSea.

It is an NFT marketplace similar to the Opensea NFT marketplace. It is among the largest NFT marketplaces for all kinds of videos, Photography, domains, metaverse, collectibles, arts, and music which can be bought, sold, and created on the platform.

Rarible is built on the Ethereum blockchain but unlike the OpenSea marketplace, you will need to use the “Rarible Token” known as “RARI” to buy and sell on the marketplace.

Rarible charges a 2.5% fee to both buyers and sellers on their platform for every transaction made. Aslo, Rarible comes with multi-chain support enabling host of NFTs built on Ethereum, Tezos, and Flow.

You are given the option of the token to use when you mint your NFT, the choice is on you depending on what you want and how you want your NFT to perform.

Know that choosing Ethereum means a high gas fee and better performance and reach of your NFT; choosing Flow means lazy-minting but a very low or no gas fee; while choosing Tezos also means a low gas fee (although not as low as Flow) but Tezos is best for artists releasing collections.

Rarible also supports over 190 countries where users can buy NFTs with their debit or credit card making Rarible the largest NFT marketplace.

Raible partnered with significant companies such as; Yum! Brands and Adobe and has a trading volume of over $390,000 per week.

Finally, Rarible supports different wallets such as; Metamask, Coinbase, etc, making it easy for investors anywhere around the world.

9. Mintable

Mintable is one of the best NFT marketplaces that is reliable and easy to use.

It is also similar to Opensea in operation and it is backed by a Billionaire, Mark Cuban. It is built on the Ethereum blockchain but you can also mint using the ImmutableX for no gas fee.

To use Mintable, you will need to connect your wallet first, and afterward, start investing in NFTs.

Mintable provides a “free Mintable University course” on its platform containing important videos to you get the most out of NFTs.

You can visit the Mintable NFT marketplace here.

10. Foundation

This is the last on the list of our top 10 best NFT marketplaces. Foundation was launched in early 2021 and focuses mainly on exclusive art drops. It is the best NFT marketplace for art and has sold more than $120 million of NFTs since its inception.

To join Foundation, you will need an invite from a current artist, and each artist has a maximum of only one invite to use.

Built on the Ethereum blockchain, Foundation is probably not the best place to begin your NFT journey and in terms of fees, it charges a 15% service fee to every seller on every sale made.

Foundation has a user-friendly interface, supports Metamask and WalletConnect, and has a trading volume of over $60,000 per week.

Click to visit the Foundation NFT marketplace now.

Best Platforms To Buy NFTs – FAQ

Below are some frequently asked questions on the best NFT marketplaces:

Does Coinbase sell NFT?

Yes, Coinbase does sell NFTs

Is Bitcoin an NFT?

No, Bitcoin is not an NFT and the Bitcoin Blockchain does not support NFTs inherently.

Can I buy NFT on crypto com?

Yes, you can buy NFTs on

Is crypto com NFT available in the US?

Yes, is available in the US.

Best NFT Marketplaces – Conclusion

Below is a quick sum-up of the list of our best NFT marketplaces in 2022:

  • OpenSea – Top best NFT marketplace
  • Binance – Best NFT marketplace with low transaction fees
  • – Best leading NFT marketplace
  • Coinbase NFT – Best NFT marketplace for Beginners
  • Axie Marketplace – Top gaming NFT marketplace
  • Magic Eden – Best Solana NFT marketplace 2022
  • Nifty Gateway – Best NFT marketplace for Rare Drops
  • Rarible – Largest NFT marketplace for everyone
  • Mintable – Best NFT marketplace for everyone
  • Foundation – Top NFT marketplace for Art and Artists

The platforms listed above are tested and trusted platforms where you can buy, sell and invest in NFTs.

Leave your comments in the comment box below.

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