How To Flip NFTs For Profit In 2023

Do you want to know how to flip NFTs? Then this article is for you.

NFTs or Non-fungible tokens are currently one of the most sought-after investment opportunities. In 2021, NFT sales generated over $25 billion, and this figure is expected to increase significantly in 2023.

This guide provides an explanation of how to engage in NFT flipping, which involves buying a unique token and then reselling it on a secondary market platform, all from the convenience of your home, with the aim of generating profit.

Top NFTs For Flipping

Before we dive deep into our topic which is how to flip NFTs, let’s, first of all, check the best NFTs to flip right now.

You should be aware of this that before embarking on the NFT flipping journey, it’s crucial to locate the right tokens that hold the greatest potential for profit.

To achieve this, you must conduct thorough research and identify an NFT that is believed to be underemphasized.

To help guide you, we present five of the best NFTs to flip at the moment.

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1. Battle Infinity – Gross Best NFT to Flip

Battle Infinity - How to flip NFTs

Our first pick of the best NFTs to flip right now is Battle Infinity.

Battle Infinity is a metaverse initiative that incorporates cutting-edge crypto-gaming features like play-to-earn mechanics and NFTs.

The project is currently in its presale stage, offering investors the chance to buy IBAT tokens at a reduced price.

Additionally, Battle Infinity features a built-in NFT marketplace named Battle Market, where users can view in-game NFTs and speculate on their value changes.

A variety of assets within the Battle Infinity ecosystem are represented as NFTs, such as the players participating in the IBAT Premier League. This fantasy sports component allows users to form teams using these players, with their real-world performance impacting the outcome.

As a result of this approach, the value of players in the market will experience fluctuations. For instance, if a basketball player shows exceptional performance, their value is likely to rise due to supply and demand dynamics, providing savvy users with the opportunity to buy Battle Infinity NFTs and flip them when real-world performances drive up their price.

In addition, Battle Infinity also offers virtual land plots that can be purchased by users. These plots will have their values determined by supply and demand forces. If a specific land plot is situated in a prime location within the Battle Arena (the metaverse of Battle Infinity), it would be an ideal candidate for flipping.

As the project continues to grow, the development team is expected to discover additional ways to incorporate NFTs into the game, thereby creating more chances for NFT flippers.

2. Decentraland Land Parcels – Best Land NFT To Flip

The second on the list of the best NFTs to flip is Decentraland.

Decentraland is a digital world where individuals can purchase and trade virtual land plots. Land plots are scarce and highly sought after, making them a lucrative option for generating profit through sales.

Just like any other NFTs for flipping, Decentraland had over the years gained recognition and endorsement from lots of users.

In Decentraland, users can purchase land plots, build and design virtual experiences, and then sell them for a profit if the demand for the particular plot or experience increases.

The value of the land plots is determined by supply and demand forces, making it important for investors to identify undervalued plots and market trends to maximize their profits through flipping.

Decentraland provides a unique and exciting opportunity for those interested in virtual real estate investment and flipping.

3. Lucky Block NFT – Best NFTs To Flip In The Crypto-Gaming Space

After thorough research, we have determined that the best NFT to flip in the Crypto-Gaming space at present is the Lucky Block.

The Lucky Block ecosystem allows players from all over the world to participate in decentralized lottery games secured by blockchain and smart contract technology, breaking away from state-run franchises.

The technology guarantees the fairness, randomness, and transparency of the games.

The Lucky Block NFT collection consists of only 10,000 unique tokens, offering owners numerous benefits.

Chief among them is lifetime access to the daily lottery draw, with a 2% win of the daily main jackpot prize in case their NFT number is drawn. For instance, if the daily jackpot prize is $250,000, the NFT holder would receive a $5,000 win.

Additionally, owning a rare Lucky Block NFT comes with a special advantage in the daily lottery game. If your rare NFT number is drawn, you will receive double the jackpot prize.

Furthermore, all Lucky Block NFT holders are automatically entered into two major giveaways. The first prize is $1 million, and the second is a Lamborghini.

It’s worth noting that the Lucky Block utility token, launched in January 2022, has become one of the top-performing cryptocurrencies of the year.

Early investors who purchased the token during the presale have seen returns of 80x. With this in mind, flipping a Lucky Block NFT has the potential to be a lucrative investment opportunity.

4. Lazy Ape Society NFT – Alternative To The Bored Ape

The Lazy Ape Society NFT collection is another top option for flipping. This series provides a great opportunity for those who missed the chance to invest in the highly successful Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT.

As a quick reminder, the Bored Ape Yacht Club NFTs consist of 10,000 unique tokens, with some being sold for over $1 million.

Several celebrities, including Snoop Dogg, Eminem, and Jimmy Fallon, have already invested in the Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT.

With this in mind, if the Lazy Ape Society series becomes anywhere near as successful, it could be one of the best NFTs to flip. This series also includes 10,000 tokens across a variety of designs.

Regarding flipping, Lazy Ape Society NFTs are available for purchase on NFT Launchpad through its main marketplace. Each NFT is priced at 1 wBNB, which, currently, is equivalent to around $400.

Hence, you can explore flipping this NFT without taking a significant financial risk, especially compared to the prices of Bored Ape Yacht Club tokens that are being sold.

5. Cryptokitties – Virtual Cats Flipping

Cryptokitties - how to flip NFTs

CryptoKitties is a collectible game that allows users to breed and trade virtual cats.

The CryptoKitties are NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) that are unique and indivisible, meaning that no two CryptoKitties are the same.

The value of a CryptoKitty depends on its rarity and attributes such as its breed, generation, and attributes like eye color, fur pattern, and so on.

CryptoKitties flipping refers to the buying and selling of CryptoKitties with the intention of making a profit. As the popularity of CryptoKitties grew, the market became more competitive, and it became increasingly difficult to turn a profit simply by buying and holding CryptoKitties.

However, some CryptoKitties still fetch high prices, particularly those that are rare, unique, or have desirable attributes.

Experienced NFT traders often research the market and keep an eye on trends to determine which CryptoKitties are likely to appreciate in value and which are likely to decline.

It’s important to note that CryptoKitties flipping, like any other NFT market, is speculative, and there’s no guarantee of making a profit. The value of CryptoKitties can be volatile, and it’s important to be aware of the risks involved before investing in this market.

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Is Flipping NFTs Worth It?

Moving forward in learning how to flip NFTs, it is crucial to check if flipping NFTs is worth it nowadays. Now, let’s see.

NFT flipping has the potential to be highly profitable, but the key is to identify the right NFT to purchase.

With an abundance of tokens available on multiple NFT marketplaces, the industry is becoming increasingly competitive. Nevertheless, the success of the Bored Ape Yacht Club series showcases the financial benefits of NFT flipping.

And although, there are lots of NFTs that will struggle to reach the limelight, but investing in the already successful tokens can be so so profitable.

This is why it is advisable to make a thorough research before venturing into investing in NFTs flipping, as this will prevent unprecedented loss.

Top NFT Marketplaces for Flipping Opportunities

It is not possible to know how to flip NFTs without knowing the marketplaces to get this done.

Although, the general review of the best NFT marketplaces will broaden your knowledge concerning the overall NFT marketplaces, but below, you will find the best marketplaces that suit flipping NFTs. They are;

How to Flip an NFT

Now, to our topic, which is how to flip NFTs.

To know how to flip NFTs, we will cite an example of how to get it done successfully using the Battle Infinity platform.

Now, flipping NFTs on the Battle Infinity platform involves buying low and selling high. Here are the steps to do it:

1. Register on the Battle Infinity platform

To start flipping NFTs on the Battle Infinity platform, you’ll need to sign up for an account.

This process is usually quick and straightforward and will require you to provide some personal details.

2. Set Up a BSC-Compatible Wallet

To flip NFTs on the Battle Infinity platform, it’s necessary to have a crypto wallet that is compatible with the Binance Smart Chain.

This platform operates using the BEP-20 standard, meaning that the native token (IBAT) is a Binance Smart Chain token.

To get started, you’ll need to set up a wallet that supports this blockchain, such as MetaMask or Trust Wallet, which are both readily available options.

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3. Purchase IBAT

Once you have a wallet that supports BEP-20 tokens, you need to acquire some IBAT in order to participate in Battle Infinity’s NFT marketplace.

This can be done through the Battle Infinity website using Binance Coin (BNB). Additionally, when the platform launches, players will also have the option to purchase IBAT using the Battle Swap feature.

4. Purchase IBAT

Once you have a wallet that supports BEP-20 tokens, you need to acquire some IBAT in order to participate in Battle Infinity’s NFT marketplace.

This can be done through the Battle Infinity website using Binance Coin (BNB). Additionally, when the platform launches, players will also have the option to purchase IBAT using the Battle Swap feature.

5. Research NFTs on the platform

Once you have an account set up, you can start researching NFTs that are available on the platform. Look for NFTs that are in high demand and have the potential to increase in value over time.

6. Choose an NFT to purchase

When you’ve identified an NFT that you believe will increase in value, you can then purchase it.

It’s important to remember that buying an NFT is a risk, and you should only invest what you can afford to lose.

7. Hold onto the NFT

After you’ve purchased the NFT, you should hold onto it for a while. This allows you to wait for its value to increase, which will enable you to sell it for a profit.

8. Sell the NFT

Once the value of the NFT has increased, you can then sell it for a profit. To do this, you’ll need to find a buyer who is interested in purchasing the NFT.

You can do this through the Battle Infinity platform or through a different NFT marketplace.

How To Find The Best NFTs To Flip

How To Flip NFTs - Finding the best NFT to flip

To assist in discovering the optimal NFTs to flip, this portion of our guide delves into the key elements to consider while conducting your research.

1. Utility 

One common issue prevalent among many NFTs we encountered is the lack of practical benefits associated with ownership, which will inevitably affect their future value.

In contrast, Battle Infinity NFTs offer a comprehensive set of applications, with the highlight being their utilization of the thrilling IBAT Premier League feature.

2. Floor Price 

Regardless of the flipping potential an NFT presents, it is imperative to have sufficient funds to cover the minimum cost of acquiring the collection.

For instance, Bored Ape Yacht Club NFTs command six-figure prices, which may not be feasible for most people’s budgets. On the other hand, Battle Infinity NFTs and Lucky Block NFTs can be obtained at a much more affordable cost.

3. Volume  

Apparently, it is always advisable to examine the trading volume of the NFT series you have selected since its inception.

This information is often available on NFT marketplaces and provides insight into the level of demand for the collection.

4. Number of NFT Tokens

Supply plays a vital role in determining value in conventional investments, and the same holds true for NFTs.

Hence, when seeking the most profitable NFTs to flip, the initial factor to consider is the number of tokens minted.

A large supply of NFTs can make it challenging to sell for a profit, which is why the limited-edition Lucky Block collection appeals to us – only 10,000 NFTs will ever exist.

How To Flip NFTs – Conclusion

Here is the conclusion on how to flip NFTs.

NFT flipping can be a lucrative venture if executed correctly, as the objective is to purchase at a low price and sell at a higher one.

This can be achieved through market research and trend analysis to identify undervalued NFTs.

However, it is important to exercise caution as the NFT market can be highly volatile, and prices can fluctuate rapidly.

There is a risk of incurring a loss if you flip an NFT at an inopportune moment. It is advisable to only flip with funds that you can afford to lose.

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