Trust Wallet Chrome Extension – All You Need to Know

Trust Wallet Chrome Extension is one of the favorite topics folks in the Crypto world are often interested in.

As there are many Chrome extensions for ease of use of certain programs or software on PC, people want to know if their favorite software or app has a Chrome extension and as a result ask the web some questions regarding the app or software they want to know about.

In this article, we will be discussing the Trust Wallet Chrome extension for PCs.

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About Trust Wallet

Trust Wallet can be described as a Cryptocurrency wallet that can be used to store tokens such as BEP20 and ERC20.

Just like you store money in your physical wallets, in the same manner, you can store tokens in your Trust wallet, the only difference is that you are storing your money digitally this time around.

It should come to your notice that more than 10 million people use the Trust wallet globally, therefore, the Trust wallet is already a trusted wallet to keep your tokens online.

With a Trust wallet, you can buy crypto, store crypto, and also earn some interest on your crypto e.g. Bitcoin.

Trust Wallet App

The Trust wallet has a mobile-compatible app that can perform all operations that are available on its platform. This fosters great experience trading on the go wherever you are.

The Trust Wallet app is available for download on both Android and Apple devices.

Click here to download the app for Android and here for iOS.

Enough of the Trust Wallet and its mobile apps, now, let’s dive into the Trust Wallet Chrome Extension.

Trust Wallet Chrome Extension Download – Is There One?

Trust Wallet Chrome Extension

Is there a Trust Wallet Chrome extension for download? The simple and straight answer is NO! Trust Wallet does not have any Chrome extension.

They have no Chrome extension, nor are they planning on having anyone soon for they never announce developing an extension for ease of use on PC.

It will be advisable that if you prefer to use your PC every now and then and you would prefer to use your PC for access to your crypto account, MetaMask is a great deal.

Because MetaMask has a reliable and efficient Chrome extension, it is one of the best options to choose from for easy access to your Crypto account on a PC.

If you already have a Trust wallet account running, you can import your Trust account into a MetaMask account using your secret recovery phrase and then access it using the MetaMask Chrome extension.

This will avert transaction fees and save you the stress of transferring your Crypto from one wallet to another.

You can install the Metamask Chrome Extension here if you are interested.

You should note and be aware that although you are in dire need of the Trust Wallet Chrome Extension, there isn’t anyone at the period of putting up this article, and there isn’t any announcement from the company yet.

Any of the Trust Wallet Chrome extensions you might see online now will only be fake and not legitimate.

The company might decide to make one available in the future which you will be updated here.

But for now, you can only use the Trust wallet on your mobile devices.

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Trust Wallet Chrome Extension – FAQ

Below, you will find some important questions people all around the world are asking as far as the Trust Wallet Chrome Extension is concerned:

Is there a trust wallet extension for Chrome?

No! There is no trust wallet Chrome extension but you can import your trust wallet account into MetaMask using your secret recovery phrase and then use the MetaMask Chrome extension.

Can I import Trust wallet into MetaMask?

Yes, you can.

Is Trust Wallet only for mobile?

Yes, Trust Wallet is only for mobile. Both Androids and iPhones.

However, you can use BlueStacks (an imitator that allows you to run Android apps on a PC) to run Trust Wallet on a PC.

Is the Trust Wallet Chrome extension legit?

No, not absolutely legit as there is no extension provided by the organization yet.

How do I add Trust Wallet to Chrome?

There is no way you can add a Trust wallet to Chrome as there is no extension for the wallet yet.

Trust Wallet Chrome Extension – Conclusion

That is all for now on the Trust Wallet Chrome Extension.

The Wallet has no extension for Chrome yet, you can only use an alternative which is MetaMask.

But even with the fact that the Wallet has no extension for Chrome, it is one of the most popular wallets for holding and securing your Crypto.

It has the trust of millions of users globally and is one of the most reliable apps for Cryptocurrencies.

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